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Other Libertarian Party Pages:

Sonoma County Libertarians facebook page.

Links to Libertarian candidates and election information are on our Events page.

National Libertarian Party

Libertarian Party of California
Libertarian Party of Marin County
Libertarian Party of Mendocino County
Libertarian Party of Lake County
Libertarian Party of Napa County
Libertarian Party of Solano County
Libertarian Party of San Fransisco
All California Counties

Libertarian Party of Canada

Information on Government, Laws, Elections & Candidates from non-government sites:

Project Vote Smart Vote
Info on candidates (contanct info, background info, voting records, where they get their money, etc.)
Your guide to the money in U.S. elections

FIJA - The Fully Informed Jury Association

Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR)

Drug War Facts

NRA Members' Councils of California Legislative Information & Contact Tools


The Reason Foundation
A national research and education organization that explores and promotes public polices based on rationality and freedom.

Laissez Faire Books

Liberty magazine

Paladin Press

Liberty For All Online Magazine

Various Libertarian minded sites:

Gun Owners of America

The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington

The Sonoma County Shooting Association Inc.
Organizes monthly High Power Rifle (CMP) and Practical Pistol shoots.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Advocates for Self-Government
The World's smallest political quiz

The Separation of School & State Alliance
Politics and education don't mix!

Future of Freedom Foundation

National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)

International Society for Individual Liberty
The mega-resource for libertarian activism around the world.

The Foundation for Economic Education Top 25 Libertarian Sites

Free State Project

Liberty in our lifetime
The Liberty Committee, Political Action From Principle
Cato Institute Institute for Health Freedom
The Heartland Institute Libertarian Futurist Society
Competitive Enterprise Institute The Idea Channel
Von Mises Institute David D. Friedman's Home Page
Neal Boortz Home Page Liberty Round Table
Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association North Bay Patriots
Downsize DC Judicial Accountability Initiative Law Americans for a Free Republic
Center For Small Government We The People for Pets State of Jefferson
Marijuana Policy Project Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
The Citadel  

Government Pages:

Sonoma County:

County of Sonoma
Registrar of Voters


California Courts Self-Help Center

California Secretary of State Web site:
Contains a PDF version of the Voter Registration form which can be downloaded
Online Voter Registration
California Business Portal
Business Filings, Starting a business, Uniform Commercial Code, etc.
Official California Legislative Information
Legal codes
Bill information
Look up your elected officials

California Dept. of Justice

California State Assembly

California State Senate

CA State Homepage


Fed (gateway to government information)
Your one stop site to comment on federal regulations.

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Goverment Printing Office Access

The Library of Congress
Legislative Information
Bill: status, text, laws, roll call votes, committe reports, etc.
Copyright Office

The CIA's World Factbook


U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

The White House

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